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Main benefits :
  • Detoxifies liver

  • Enhances immunity

  • Improves kidney functions

  • Strengthens respiratory system

  • Lowers high cholesterol

  • Regulates high blood sugar

  • Restores cell damage

  • Combats diseases & anti-aging

  • Supports nervous system & improves insomnia

  • Anti-inflammatory

Are You Experiencing These?
  • High uric acid levels

  • Gout pain

  • Frequent urination at night

  • Foamy urine

  • Swelling in hands or feet

  • Lower back pain

All These Health Conditions Are Related to Kidneys.
Factors that Weaken Kidney Functions
  • Excessive meat intake

  • Eating too much seafood

  • Organ meat

  • Alcohol

  • Lacks of exercise

  • Dehydration

How to Strengthen Your Kidneys?
You Need Bio-Lingzhi!
  • Removes toxins

  • Balances uric acid metabolism

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Strengthens kidney functions

  • Enhances body immunity

Great for people suffering from joint pain resulting from gout or high uric acid.

6 Major Organs That Are Essential For Human Health

Human body is composed of different organs that are all essentials for reproducing and surviving. These body organs belong to various organ systems whereas they are given specific functions to keep our body balanced and healthy.

Brain, Heart, Lungs, Liver, Spleen, Kidney

Human body has 6 major organs.

To keep our body healthy, these organs must work together to perform a common function.

These organs determine the difference between health and illness, and life and death.

Any Diseases Related to the 6 Vital Organs
Can Cause Great Harm to Human Health
  • Brain

  • Heart

  • Lungs

  • Liver

  • Spleen

  • Kidney

Time to Take Care of Your Vital Organs
Supercharge Your Health with Bio-Lingzhi!
Time to Take Care of Your Vital Organs Supercharge Your Health with Bio-Lingzhi!
Magical Herbs:
Lingzhi Mushroom

“If eaten customarily, it makes your body light and young, lengthens your life, and turns you into one like the immortal who never dies,”

Shen Nong, a famous herbalist of China’s Shu Dynasty

Our super supplement product, Bio-Lingzhi is made of premium Lingzhi Mushroom or Ganoderma Lucidum from Hokkaido, Japan. For more than 2,000 years, Lingzhi has been part of Asia's medical history, especially in China. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it was used to nourish the "Three Treasures" -- jing (essence), qi (vital energy), and shen (spirit).

In traditional Chinese medicine, Lingzhi has a reputation as a panacea matched only by ginseng. This mushroom has been linked with life-giving and prolonging properties. It is praised as the “Grass from Heaven” and has been proven clinically to prevent and cure diseases, and possibly, even help extend life.

It is also called “Celestial Herb” and “Fungus of the Universe”. The Chinese name Lingzhi translates as the “herb of spiritual potency” and the mushroom was highly prized as an elixir of immortality. It was once given as gifts to emperors. Indeed, many Chinese emperors had their own personal Lingzhi cultivators.

In both the popular ancient Chinese medical publications, Shen Nong Ben Zao Jing and Ben Zao Gang Mu 本草纲目 (Compendium of Materia Medica) written respectively in the Han and Ming Dynasty, there were detailed descriptions of the effects of Lingzhi.

Bio-Lingzhi Nourishes the 6 Major Organs
  • Strengthens respiratory system
  • Relieves chronic cough
  • Helps clear sputum
  • Suppresses asthma
  • Enhances kidney functions
  • Improves frequent urination
  • Prevents foamy urine
  • Supercharges body immunity
  • Activates white blood cells
  • Anti-cancer & anti-tumor
  • Anti-aging
  • Strengthens respiratory system
  • Relieves chronic cough
  • Helps clear sputum
  • Suppresses asthma
  • Enhances kidney functions
  • Improves frequent urination
  • Prevents foamy urine
  • Supercharges body immunity
  • Activates white blood cells
  • Anti-cancer & anti-tumor
  • Anti-aging
  • Supports nervous system
  • Improves insomnia
  • Enhances memory
  • Prevents hypertension
  • Lowers high cholesterol level
  • Regulates blood sugar level
  • Relieves inflammation
  • Detoxifies liver
  • Aids in digestive processes
Lingzhi Helps Regulate Entire Body
Mechanisms and Metabolism
Lingzhi Helps Regulate Entire Body Mechanisms and Metabolism

Today's medical research illustrates that Lingzhi is packed with powerful ingredients that give it its many unique and restorative powers. It is different from other medicines that cure specific diseases, or supplementary nutrients that only address particular body requirements. Lingzhi helps regulate entire body mechanisms and metabolism to ensure that all organs are functioning properly.

4 Powerful Ingredients in Lingzhi

Lingzhi is packed with 4 powerful ingredients

giving its many unique and restorative powers.

Lingzhi is packed with 4 powerful ingredients giving its many unique and restorative powers.


Contains a huge amount of β-glucan which helps to regulate the body's immune system, boost antioxidant levels, strengthen immunity against pathogen infection, anti-tumor, and protect the liver. It also prevents degenerative diseases, regulates digestive health, moderates cholesterol levels, and helps maintain healthy blood sugar.


Mushroom proteins contain all the essential amino acids and are involved in a variety of cellular processes and functioning of the immune system. These proteins are also shown to be anti-allergic, antifungal, and anti-tumor.


Increases the body's ability to absorb oxygen, generates and activates immune cells, promotes metabolism, and delays aging.


It is the main active ingredient in Lingzhi mushroom, the cholesterol-busting super adaptogens. It effectively prevents cardiovascular disease, lowers cholesterol, reduces low density cholesterol and hypertension, prevents antigen-related allergies, and aids digestive processes.

The Anatomy of Lingzhi Mushroom

Bio-Lingzhi contains both Fruit Body and Mycelium
Triterpenic acid content (mg/g)

Triterpenic acid can regulate normal body function and provide anti-microbial effects.

Polysaccharide content(%)

Polysaccharides help to boost immune system and may aid in cancer management

King Of Herbs:

Long & Healthy Life

Experience 14 Amazing Health

Benefits of Bio-Lingzhi

Experience 13 Amazing Health Benefits of Bio-Lingzhi

1. Reduces High Uric Acid Levels & Relieves Gout Painer

Gout is a kind of arthritis caused by uric acid typically occurs joints, such as on the wrists, heels, elbows and knees.

  • It helps relieve gout attacks as it contains organic germanium
  • It balances uric acid Metabolism
  • It removes toxins
  • It reduces pain
  • It lessens swelling on joints
  • It increases stamina
  • Anti-inflammatory
2. Improves Kidney Functions
  • It penetrates into and work on the kidney to strengthen its functions
  • It effectively stops frequent urination at night and foamy urine
  • It helps in curing nearly 100% of renal disease as it has Ganoderma
  • It lowers proteinuria and cholesterolemia
  • It maintains proper renal function
3. Protects and Detoxifies the Liver
  • It protects the liver from damage
  • It speeds up metabolism of both medicine and toxic substances in the liver
  • It relieves liver inflammation due to toxic build up through detoxification
  • It helps in treating chronic hepatitis
4. Anti-Cancer

Lingzhi in Bio-Lingzhi can offer a unique approach to treating cancer, especially in the very early stages.

  • Lingzhi has powerful effects when it comes to tumors
  • It enhances the immune function
  • It increases self defence capabilities against tumours
  • It improves the function of white blood cells
  • It boosts blood synthesis capacity, particularly white blood cells levels
  • It helps in preventing the metastasis or recurrence of cancer and so it is applied as initial treatment to the cancer
  • It suppresses the side-effects of chemotherapy, maintain leukocyte counts, and allow a more optimal dosing of chemo or radio therapeutics
5. Prevents Hypertension
  • Lingzhi effectively regulates the blood circulation
  • It dilates coronary arteries and increases coronary vessel blood flow
  • It improves circulation in cardiac muscle capillaries
  • It increases the supply of oxygen and energy to cardiac muscle
  • It lowers blood pressure level
6. Lowers High Cholesterol Level
  • Lingzhi significantly reduces blood cholesterol
  • It prevents atherosclerosis or the fats and plaque build up around the artery walls resulting in the blockage of blood flows
  • It softens the blood vessels while preventing further damage to their health that may cause more complications
  • It lowers cholesterol for patients with atherosclerosis
7. Regulates High Blood Sugar Level
  • Lingzhi reduces blood glucose with its ingredients, Ganoderma B and C, which have hypoglycemic effects
  • It serves as a substitute to insulin
  • It increases while maintaining the normal level of blood glucose making it capable of an early treatment of diabetes
8. Prevents Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular Diseases
  • It reduces risks of various kinds of stroke
  • It decrease the risks of cardiovascular & cerebrovascular disease
  • It prevents the formation of arterial plaque⁠— a formed fatty and waxy substances in the arteries, which reduces blood circulation and prevents aggregation of blood platelets that leads to clotting.
  • It helps in hindering these unfortunate arterial problems

Lingzhi contains triterpene that can help to reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

9. Supports Nervous System and Promotes Good Sleeping Pattern
  • Lingzhi is being used to treat insomnia (with 87.14% to 100% effectiveness) and neurasthenia
  • It soothes emotional disturbances characterized by fatigue, irritation and headaches since it also targets the central nervous system
  • It helps to stabilize emotion, increase wisdom, and enhance memory power
  • It improves sleeping pattern, increases appetite, and weight gain.
10. Enhances the Immune System
  • It helps to increase the number of cells and tissues in the immune system
  • It provides strong immune health and more protection against viruses
  • It promotes the function of antibodies to destroy the harmful cells
  • It supports the functions of certain immune cells

Lingzhi is known as God of Longevity as this known to have immune-boosting and anti-aging properties.

11. Combats Diseases and Aging
  • Lingzhi enhances and regulates the immune system
  • It improves synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins in blood plasma, liver and bone marrow, hence, successfully slows down aging
  • It prevents premature aging benefits for the elderly and young people

The polysaccharides and polypeptides found in Lingzhi are proven to effectively delay the aging process.

12. Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation means redness, swelling, and pain due to the response of our body to block and remove pathogens and other harmful substances that try to enter our body resulting in sickness such as fever.

  • Lingzhi has anti-inflammatory effects
  • It contains alkaloids which believe to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic or pain-relieving effects
13. Strengthens the Respiratory System
  • Lingzhi improves respiratory health and lungs functions
  • It soothes chronic bronchitis and bronchitis asthma
  • It relieves symptoms of respiratory illnesses – it stops coughing, helps clear sputum, and suppresses asthma
  • It has immunomodulatory properties that strengthen the immune health preventing flu and viruses that may attack the lungs or the whole respiratory system
14. Restores Damaged Cells by Removing Free Radicals
  • Lingzhi hinders the power of free radicals in preventing and combating the damages that is caused in our body leading to diseases and premature aging
  • It is known to be rich in polysaccharides that help in removing free radicals and stopping hyperoxidation
  • It also protects and balances the cells which delays aging

Free radicals can simply be defined as the hosts of diseases and promoters of aging.

Who Can Benefit From Bio-Lingzhi?

  • People who suffer from gout pain

  • People with high uric acid levels

  • People with excess the night time urination

  • People who have foamy urine

  • People with Weak Immune System

  • People who sleep late

  • People who smoke

  • People who are always drinking

  • People with poor cardiac function

  • People with high blood pressure

  • People with high glucose level

  • Pestoperative patients

  • People with insomia

Bio-Lingzhi is Made from Premium Grade Lingzhi: Hokkaido Reishi
Hokkaido Reishi has the highest level of nutrients : β-glucan
Amazing Powers of β-glucan Found in Hokkaido Reishi

β-glucan supercharges the immune system and is a soluble fiber made up of combined sugars or polysaccharides which provide various benefits in our body.

  • β-glucan’s polysaccharides reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • β-glucan’s polysaccharides regulate blood cholesterol level
  • β-glucan’s polysaccharides regain the weakened immune system caused by cancer cells because of its potent anti-cancer effects
  • β-glucan’s polysaccharides slow down the growth of cancer cells and stop it from damaging the other parts of the body

Therefore, the β-glucan content of Hokkaido Reishi has made it outstanding when it comes to antiviral, anticancer, and immunity-defender properties.

How Bio-Lingzhi Is Made?

Bio-Ling Zhi uses quality Ganoderma Lucidum imported from Hokkaido, Japan that undergoes material inspection and strict temperature and humidity control.

100% organic and proven safe and no harmful compounds or heavy metals.

What is so unique about Bio-Lingzhi?

1. Uses Premium Quality Ganoderma Lucidum Mushroom from Hokkaido, Japan

Bio-Ling Zhi uses premium quality Ganoderma Lucidum that is imported from Hokkaido, Japan. This mushroom undergoes a material inspection and strict temperature and humidity control.

2. Produced With The Highest Quality in Mind

Rigorous control of the cultivation process is strictly implemented and observed — starting from the processing of Hokkaido Ganoderma Lucidum — from mushroom bed to cultivation up to the manufacturing of goods. This is to make sure that we provide high quality, safe and reliable Ganoderma Lucidum.

3. Germ-Free & Zero Pollution

As we made sure that we only produced quality Hokkaido Ganoderma Lucidum, it is only cultivated in a state-of the-art germ-free facility and zero-pollution environment.

4. Uses Hokkaido Wood as the planting wood

Ganoderma Lucidum is not just planted in an ordinary wood. It’s planted in a seasonal wood named Hokkaido which is very abundant during the winter days. Studies say that it is proven to be rich in nutrients that are essential in producing and planting high-quality Ganoderma Lucidum.

5. Contains a high percentage of ß-Glucan

Bio-Lingzhi is made of Hokkaido Ganoderma Lucidum which contains a high percentage of ß-Glucan. This dietary fiber is efficient in boosting the human immune system, regulating cholesterol levels, and improving blood sugar management.

6. 100% organic and proven safe
7. No harmful compounds or heavy metals.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

KKM Approved
No Porcine
Premium Hokkaido Reishi
Manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility
HACCP Certified
MeSTI Certified
Suitable for Vegetarian
100% Organic
Strengthens Your Immune Warriors
  • Brain
  • Liver
  • Heart
  • Kidneys
  • Lungs
  • Spleen
Supercharge Your Health With Bio-Lingzhi!
Maintain your health in Simplest Way
How to Use Bio-Lingzhi?
  • 1-2 tablets, 3 times per day
  • Tablet type, each tablet contains 250mg of Lingzhi Mushrooom (Can asbsorbed the nutrients thoroughly and directly)
  • No need to brew, consume with water (Easy to Consume
Reaction to Lingzhi

Administering Lingzhi could initially cause some symptoms, and the effects are described in Chinese medicine roughly as: “No dizziness, no recovery”. When some people start taking Lingzhi, they feel dizzy, itchy, thirsty, or they even experience an increase in the frequency of defecation and urination.

However, these reactions demonstrate the effectiveness of Lingzhi in the body. As toxins are being dissolved, mobilized, and excreted, therefore, these reactions should be regarded as normal in the initial period and should not be the reasons to stop taking Lingzhi.

Real People. Real Results.

It stops nightly frustrating trips to the bathroom. Amazing results!

I always wake up at night due to frequent urination that I couldn’t sleep well. But thankfully, I found Bio-Lingzhi! After 1 month of taking this, I personally experienced its amazing results. I can feel that it strengthens my kidneys and stops nightly frustrating trips to the bathroom. I can sleep soundly through the night now. Bio-Lingzhi also boosts up my immune system. Amazing results!

Mdm Chai, Johor Bahru

My uric acid levels dropped and gout was relieved!


Peanut and beer are my favorite combo. But they significantly affect my liver and kidneys accompanied by gout attack due to my high level of uric acid. Also, my foot was really swollen. There were days when it was difficult to get my shoes on and days when I struggled to take them off.

Thankfully, I found Bio-Lingzhi! After 1 month of taking this, I personally experienced its amazing results. My uric acid levels dropped and gout was relieved. Bio-Lingzhi helps lessen my pain and struggle! Best supplement for liver detoxification and kidney protection!

Mr Chan, Johor

Definitely a good product! Highly recommended!

Good product for people with weak immunity. I have poor quality of sleep and feel tired easily. But thanks to this supplement. It boosts my body immunity and improves insomnia. I can sleep through the night now. And I feel much energized compared to last time.

Mdm Wong, Johor

My mother is more energised now!


Honestly, before buying this Bio-Lingzhi, I looked for its proven benefits online. I discovered that it helps to the recovery of cancer patients due to its main ingredient – the Lingzhi mushroom. I bought it for my mother who is a lung cancer patient and undergoing chemotherapy now. Surprisingly, it helps my mom to fight the side effects of her chemo and as she recovers from each session I can say that she’s more energized and has a good appetite since she takes this miraculous supplement! I’m thankful that I gave this product a try!

Fatimah, Penang

Consumer Rights

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This QR code allows you to track product sources, product safety and liability insurance. Fake product will hurt your health

Frequently Asked Questions

BIO-LINGZHI is a supplement containing fruit body and mycelium parts of lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum) which is useful in strengthening one’s immune system. It contains 250mg of Ganoderma lucidum, commonly known as Lingzhi or Reishi mushroom. BIO-LINGZHI is in tablet form, it retains the complete nutrition of Lingzhi mushroom, at the same time provides a convenient way of Lingzhi consumption.

Lingzhi mushroom is a fungus that has been used for over 2,000 years in China and is still used in Traditional Chinese Medicine today. It is regarded as a rare and precious herb in the ancient Chinese medical encyclopedias known for boosting immunity and anti-aging properties hence the name “God of Longevity”.

Yes there are, Lingzhi is also called reishi mushroom. Its scientific name is Ganoderma lucidum. All of the names above are referred to as Lingzhi.

People with poor immunity (especially, the elderly), those with liver function problems, recovering patients from surgery, and people with hypertension and poor cardiac function.

Not recommended to take.

So far no warning and harm for G6PD. Can take.

It depends on the severity of the kidney disease, if it is mild to moderate, can take lingzhi. For those who have severe or serious kidney disease, avoid it. Avoid taking it on the dialysis day as the supplement would be wasted.

Fruit body is the part of the mushroom that we see, which looks like an umbrella. It has the highest amount of triterpene among all the parts of lingzhi.

Mycelium part of Ganoderma lucidum is the root of the mushroom, it is normally the part where it is not noticeable by us. Mycelium has a high content of polysaccharide among all the parts of Ganoderma lucidum.

Coughing, catching a cold easily (flu), tiredness, cut or wound that take time to recover, and diarrhea.

Lingzhi has been used for more than 2000 years in the medical history in China. It is known as the magical herbs in China,and it is said that we can live forever if we consume it. Medical Research has proven that it has the function of regulating the human body, improving the immune system and restoring organs and cells.

Fruit body contains more triterpene that can help to reduce blood fat or cholesterol, reduce blood glucose, anti-inflammation and anti-cancer. Whereas, mycelium has higher content of polysaccharide which can help to enhance our immune system.

Polysaccharide (beta-glucan) is one of the active ingredients in Lingzhi. It can help to regulate the body’s function, comprehensively improve the human immune system and restore the body’s internal organs and cells.

Triterpene is another active ingredient in Lingzhi. It can effectively prevent cardiovascular disease, lower LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol, and prevent hypertension.

Lingzhi mainly increases immunity. Other than that, it also has potential cancer fighting properties, fight depression, prevent flu, protect against allergy asthma, help liver detox, anti-aging, anti-inflammation and help to maintain blood glucose level at a safe level.

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