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A Product Trusted By Thousands of Malaysians

Health Benefits:

Maintain overall gut’s health
Improve leaky gut syndrome
Reduce symptoms of lactose intolerance
Reduce the risk of intestinal infection
Improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
Enhance food digestion and absorption of nutrients
Maintain a healthy immune system

The Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates once quoted that “all diseases begin in the gut”. No wonder we often hear the phrase “we are what we eat”. If you eat healthy foods, then your body tends to be healthy, too. But if you’re likely to consume foods that are rich in sugar, cholesterol, fats, and such, it will also show on your body.

In addition to an imbalanced diet, a sedentary lifestyle is also another factor that poses risk to your health — causing earlier development of various diseases. This may sound alarming, but according to recent studies, one in every ten adults suffers from chronic constipation and indigestion, which is normally caused by gut bacteria imbalance of gut bacteria.

A healthy gut is consists of 85% good bacteria and 15% bad bacteria. Once the ratio of good and bad bacteria is disrupted, it is when an unhealthy gut begins which results in many health issues.

If you don’t want to belong to the statistics of 700 million people who suffer from gut problems like constipation, then it’s time to start living a healthy lifestyle — eating balanced food! Good thing, AEMIS™ PROBIOME is here to help you ensure a healthy gut!