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Price: SG$89.00 ( SG$89.00 per box )

Reduce Period Pain, Improve hormone system, Breast enhancement



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A Product Trusted By Thousands of Malaysians

Health  Benefits:

ISOduce turns a woman’s:


Bad skin condition to improved skin condition

Irregular period to normal menstruation

Menstrual pain to a relieved menstrual pain

Difficulty to conceive to an increased pregnancy rate

Endocrine disorders to a regulated endocrine system

High levels of body fat to detoxed and reduced fat

Loss of “sexual” interest to an increased libido

Signs of menopause to delayed menopause and relieved menopause symptoms


The fact that there is an estimated 86% of women in Malaysia who suffer from period pain is alarming enough to take this concern more seriously. One of the best steps to address this issue and reduce women’s trouble whenever that time of the month comes is by including ISOduce Ovarian Care Essence in their diet.


With Soy Isoflavones as one of the main components of ISOduce, ‘women’s source of power’, which is the ovaries, can be strengthened. Not mentioning that healthy ovaries allow women to stay looking young!