Tigrox™ Homega

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A Product Trusted By Thousands of Malaysians

  • Prevent the formation of the blood clot
  • Help to promote blood flow
  • Regulate LDL and HDL cholesterol
  • Maintain the elasticity of blood vessels
  • Prevent artisanal stiffness
  • Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease
  • Improve metabolism

Globally, heart disease has been the no. 1 killer, taking an estimated 17.9 million lives every year. And according to recent reports, this will be going to remain the leading cause of death for the years to come.

Ever wonder main triggers a person to suffer from this kind of disease? Having high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, and coronary artery calcification are some. In addition to that, there are some habits you do that unknowingly harm your heart, such as consuming more meat than vegetables and smoking and drinking without controlling the intake.

You might be thinking that going on an oil-free diet is the key to sparing yourself from getting heart disease, but this is actually a misconception because our heart needs healthy fats to provide the body with extra energy. That is why it is important to supply the body with healthy fats and one perfect example of healthy fats is fish oil, a form of healthy oil that is riched in Omega-3.

Fish oil not only helps reduce the risk of heart diseases but also immune problems and depression. Good thing, Tigrox™ HOMEGA fish oil soft gel capsule is here to help you maintain a healthy heart!